Nov 06

Business Startup Exhibition

I had the opportunity to attend a business exhibition at the Olympia centre in London past weekend. The exhibition was specifically about dealing with business startups and further information can be found here on their website BStartup.

I’d been once before a couple of years ago, but I didn’t really have as clear an idea of what my business was back then.

It was a worthwhile experience as I managed to make contact with some business people who were interested in the consultancy side of my business.

I figured it was better to offer that side of my business at such an exhibition, as opposed to trying to get them to hire me as a speaker to talk about whatever.

I also made contact with some web desgin companies who I might hire to re-vamp my main website. So I need to clarify how many that site is going to now need.

I also spoke to the Business Link people who have put me in touch with my local department who might be able to help me sort out some finanicing. I’ve made contact with them and now have a initial meeting booked for later this month. That will hopefully allow me to stop temping in office jobs and provide me the freedom to pursue my business.

All in all this business exhibition was a very good and valuable experience. I even got to breifly meet Levi Roots, a guy who received investment from the British TV show Dragon’s Den.

He gave an insipirational 30 minute speech, which wasn’t brilliantly structured, but did contain 100% personality and passion. So he didn’t really need any help with that side of his business.

I also picked up a couple of bottles of his “Reggae Reggae Sauce” and a new one, “Love Apple Sauce”, and i’ve been using them a lot since.

Not sure about putting them on my cornflakes…