Oct 07

Brad Montgomery – 11th Most Influential Blogger on Public Speaking?

Following on from my last post about the Top Ten Most Influential Blogger’s on Public Speaking I think that Motivational keynote speaker, humorist and corporate comedian Brad Montgomery should have been mentioned.

I read his public speaking blog and, not only is it entertaining, but it provides some really useful info for new professional speakers, people just wanting to add a bit of humour to their talks and procrastinators.

Here’s an extract from a recent post:

“A recent article in the National Speakers Association newsletter Speak Up quoted a few of my pals; fellow humorists and motivational speakers as they discussed humor and being funny. One of the coolest parts of this good article as a list of Funny Action Items. I’ll reprint them in this blog…”

Read the rest of the Brad’s blog post here.

Cheers for that Brad.