Monthly Archive: May 2008

May 28

Secret Comedy Writing Technique – Mondegreens

Another entry in my mini series Secret Comedy Writing Techniques are Mondegreens This is when you miss hear the lyric of a song or some other spoken line. Examples of this are as follows:

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May 26

Public Speaking: Listen to other Speakers

Whenever you’re due to speak at an event take the opportunity to listen to the other speakers. There are two reasons to do this; the first is by listening to other speakers you may discover that they actually cover the same points as you’re planning to cover in your speech. If that happens you have …

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May 22

Public Speaking: Business Basics

Over the past few months not only have I been honing my skills as a public speaker and coach, but I’ve also been learning about the basic of setting up and running a business. Now, whilst I realise that this can be quite an overwhelming subject as there’s a tonne of information out there in …

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May 18

Secret Comedy Writing Technique – Freudian Slip

Here’s another installment in my mini series, Secret Comedy Writing Techniques. In this one I’m going to cover Freudian slips. And no I don’t mean the Austrian psychiatrist’s female undergarment. Cheap these laughs are, what can I tell ya? So on to business!

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May 16

Public Speaking Definitions

There are many different terms in the public speaking industry. Sometimes they are straight forward and easy to understand. Othertimes, a certain amount of head-scratching’s required. To reduce those times, I have compiled my own glossary. (Please note spelling’s are in English not American-English). Ad-lib – spontaneous remark or comment said in the moment during a speech …

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