Monthly Archive: February 2008

Feb 27

Advanced Humorous Speaking – How Do You Define Bombing?

I did the first speech in the Toastmasters Advanced Manual; “Humorously Speaking” and it’s left me somewhat confused. So I figured I might be able to work out some of my thoughts about it here. In the process of analysing my speech I will offer up what I did, how I feel it went and …

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Feb 26

Creating Killer Content Off the Cuff, part 3

Public Speaking Mind Map

I’ve had a bit of a think and this could be a way for the Borden Method for public speaking, as discussed in the former blog of Public Speaking Coach, Eric Feng and Mind Mapping as written about in my previous post could synergise. To start with we have from the Borden method that featured on …

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Feb 20

How Can You Capture Your Sense of Humour?

For those of you who really want to learn stand-up comedy, or humorous speaking, I wanted to share with you a recent newsletter that I received from my comedy colleague Steve Roye. His newsletter is the “Comedy Success Professional Newsletter” (CSPN) and is offered specifically for new and experienced comedy professionals. If you haven’t done …

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Feb 13

Dealing with Difficult Audiences

Diane DiRestan from the “Business Presentations” blog wrote an article on dealing with hecklers and difficult audiences. I wanted to reference her blog as well as recount my own experiences on the same topic. Diane outlines a 3-point strategy for dealing with this type of situatuation: depersonalize, detach, and defuse. Check out her blog for …

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Feb 06

Is Lots of Stage Time Really the Key to Being a Great Speaker? part 2

So as a sort of follow on from my last post I managed to get myself along to a different Toastmasters club tonight. London transport being what it is I probably would not have made it home if I’d have gone earlier in the week. But I found myself at Canary Wharf Communicators. It’s been …

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