Monthly Archive: January 2008

Jan 31

The London Speaker – no, not me

I received an email from my Toastmasters Club, Grosvernor Square Speakers earlier and they brought to me attention an online blog magazine called The London Speaker. “A blog magazine?” I hear you ask, “what’s one of those“? I’ll let professional blogger Yaro Starak explain all about this blogging model and how it could potentially be …

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Jan 24

Creating Killer Content Off the Cuff, part 2


I never really intended to write a follow up to my previous post Creating Killer Content Off the Cuff, but I have because both myself, and fellow speaker Eric Feng, blogged on the same subject. Eric spoke about the Borden method: “Ho hum!” (or B-O-R-I-N-G!) “Why bring that up?” “For instance?” “So what?” and I …

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Jan 23

After Dinner Speaking, part 2

I spoke to the President and ex-President at my local Toastmasters club trying to find out how I can go about developing my After Dinner speech that I debuted at the Christmas Dinner at the end of last year. I was hoping that I might be able to use the method that winners of both …

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Jan 15

Creating Killer Content Off the Cuff

I was at my Toastmasters club Grosvenor Speakers, this past Monday night. I was in the role of Time-Keeper. For anybody reading this blog unfamiliar with any of the support roles at Toastmasters use the previous link. I had taken on this role because I have yet to do the role and also I need …

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Jan 11

GetEntrepreneurial – Network Expert

I recently became an approved Network Expert on the website Get Entrepreneurial. I was very pleased when this happened because it helps to clarify my expert credibility to the world at large and adds another piece to the puzzle as I move my business forward. It’s a very useful website as there are experts in …

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