Monthly Archive: December 2007

Dec 29

Amazing Public Speaking Skill – The Hancock Manoeuvre

I re-read a great book on public speaking recently and I was reminded of a technique which was the first one I ever used! I’ll give you a brief background on the book and the technique itself before I tell you about my experience with it. The book I had read was called “Just Say …

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Dec 28

Public Speaking – Vocal Tips

A few weeks ago at my local Toastmasters club in London, I had the privilege to see a former member of the club be a General Evaluator. The speaker in question, Phillip Khan-Panni, is now a professional. What struck me when I saw him speak was how resonant, rich and, in the words of my …

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Dec 07

Fear of Public Speaking – articles

I recently wrote a couple of articles on the fear of public speaking as an experiment for this new website that I’m trying out. I’m pleased to say that they both got published. Woo-hoo! Here’s the lowdown… The first article is titled: “Top 5 Tips for Overcoming The Fear of Public Speaking” and was picked …

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Dec 06

Effective Presentations

Through one of my agencies I was recently put forward for a job working for the U.K. programming department of an international television company. They were looking for a research assisstant who could research and put together presentations. It sounded relatively ideal, but unfortunately the job got cancelled. When I spoke to my agency about …

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